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Our Mission

Due to the complexity of current social media platforms and the physical conditions of the elderly (ex: eyesight, typing speed), there is currently a gap in communication among the elderly, leading to decreased social interactions within their demographic and among generations.

Through Buzz, we hope to enhance the social interactivity of the elderly.

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Meet the Team

Hi there! We are Buzz. So glad you can join us! Our team is composed of five high school students who are passionate about helping others and share a desire to revolutionize the current social media trend through enhancing the connection between the different generations.

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Chelsea Hu

Research / Analytics & Brand Strategy

15-year-old sophomore from Virginia.

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Melinda Liu

Branding & Marketing

14-year-old junior from Florida.

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Louis Geer

Marketing & Programming

16-year-old junior from Texas.

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Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 8.35.16 AM.png

Sally Lee

Claire Luo

Buzz the Bee


17-year-old junior from New Jersey.

Financials & Design


16-year-old senior from New York.

Our Mascot!

Buzz LOVES to buzz!

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